Capacity building

Improving research conditions

Many capacity-building activities were carried out so far to improve the local conditions for research by supporting the partner institutions. This was done mainly by supplying equipment and consumables and improving or setting up of facilities and infrastructure. This included:

  • Herbarium cabinets and freezers to ensure storage of valuable collections
  • Equipment and supplies for molecular laboratories to establish modern methods in molecular systematics and conservation genetics
  • Equipment for light microscopy
  • Seed bank equipment to start projects for ex situ conservation and as a basis for restoration projects

Training and networking

To complement the capacity-building efforts, young scientists from the partner countries are offered opportunities for education, training and networking in Berlin. Internships in Germany are offered for guest researchers from the partner countries at all levels of their careers.

Workshops and courses and lectures are planned to be carried out in the partner countries to complement the educational programme.

The training and education opportunities are

  • Molecular systematics
  • Population genetics and conservation genetics
  • Vegetation science and biodiversity assessment
  • Expertise on cryptogamic plants
  • Management of herbarium collections
  • Seed banking
  • Botanical Garden management (documentation systems, data basing, labelling of collections, information systems)

Museum work, especially planning and realising exhibitions on various subjects related to botany and environmental education.